You will create a win/win scenario by teaming with The VoC Solution team. Let us put that experience to work for you. The VoC Solution team has a wealth of experience in a number of vertical markets and applications.  This expertise has provided an opportunity to explore the Voice of Customer in many different environments.  Experience includes the deployment of hardware, software and services in all these markets.

Hearing your customer’s needs and identifying their challenges are very different skill sets.  Our team specializes in helping your sales team better understand what they hear from their customers to help chart your company’s future direction.

 Our firm offers the following hardware/software integration services: 

  • Barcode, Automatic ID System Integration
  • Conversion services from Barcode to Smart Label/RFID solutions
  • Site evaluation for wireless deployment
  • BarCode and Smart label vendor evaluation and recommendation

Our firm offers the following consulting services to both private and publicly held companies:

  • Sales & Management Training on VoC Best Practices
  • Agile Methodology Training and Agile Facilitation Services
  • Customer Visit Support
  • VoC Analysis of Data Your Team has Collected
  • Innovation Project Funnel Analysis and Prioritization
  • Product Road-map Analysis and Training
  • EOL Planning
  • Beta Test Implementation Consulting Services
  • Portfolio Planning Training and Consulting
  • Product and Project Management
  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Profit and Quality Improvement

Markets with particularly high levels of expertise include:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Route/Direct Store delivery
  • Manufacturing

Business Meeting

Experience is worldwide in scope with global expertise in LA, Europe and Asia. Expertise in European Markets is also  a benefit of working with The VoC solution.  Expertise in international markets can assist you in growing your international focus with the benefit of experience.

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