Why is Voice of Customer so important?


Understanding and gaining insight into what your customers really want is one of the greatest challenges of every business.

“People buy products and services to get a “job” done. This insight is at the core of the jobs-to-be-done innovation theory”.   – Tony Ulwick, author of What Customers Want. 


Staying ahead of your competitors in this challenge is what creates differentiation and builds your value proposition.  When the time comes to add a new product to your portfolio your company typically has one of a handful of problems:

  • Too many ideas in the pipeline
  • No well defined ideas in the pipeline
  • Too many existing and aging products draining device resources and driving up cost
  • Lack of a clear three year roadmap
  • A lack of skills at creating and managing a portfolio of solutions that best meets your customers needs today and tomorrow


The VoC Solution can assist your organization in any of these areas.  We begin by getting to know the true customer: the person that is actually doing the job driving the requirement for the new product. We can assist you by providing your team training on how to better engage with the customer and to better manage any of the problems identified in the bullets above. In addition we are available to attend customer visits first hand to help build your teams skills in listening to what the customer is really saying.



The VOC Solution is a business enterprise dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes grow through a better understanding of their customers needs. Our management team has a wealth of experience working with small, medium sized companies and the fortune 500 in the effort to make them more successful.

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