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The VOC Solution

The VOC Solution is a business enterprise dedicated to helping businesses grow through a better understanding of their customers’ needs. Our management team has a wealth of experience working with companies of all sizes in the effort to make them more successful.

Attaining VOC is a constant exercise

Always strive to hear what job the customer is attempting to achieve and how they are doing it today. This is where the opportunity to improve efficiency with a new solution may present itself.

Expertise Worldwide

Expertise in European Markets is also  a benefit of working with The VoC solution.  Expertise in international markets can assist you in growing your international focus with the benefit of experience.  

Do You Understand Your Customer’s Needs?

Does your sales force effectively engage your customers to determine their real needs?

Our specialties include:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Route/Direct Store delivery
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

When to call The VOC solution:

  • When you have a shortage of new ideas in your new product funnel.  
  • When you have too many new ideas or customer inputs to consider and have no good way to prioritize these ideas.
  • When you do not want to invest in extra staff and permanent expenses to get new products requirements better understood before they move into development.
  • When you need to understand clearly what products can be removed from your portfolio without drastically impacting profitability.
  • When you have a critically important project and need a highly experienced product manager to assure that the product requirements are clearly defined prior to committing development resources.
  • When you need assistance in planning, developing, organizing and carrying out an important initiative
  • When 30 years of high technology experience to assist in providing guidance is a critical and immediate need to your organization to get a project under way.

Profit and Quality Improvement

Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management

Portfolio Planning Training and Consulting

Beta Test Implementation Consulting Services

EOL Planning

Product Road-Map Analysis and Training

VOC Data Analysis

Customer Visit Support

Sales & Management Training

Applying VOC Best Practices

The VOC Solution
Management Consulting
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